Pollera Photo Session

Wear a glamorous pollera and have professional photos taken is the dream of many Panamanian women. With Cubitá Tours this dream can become true. Our Pollera Photo Session Package includes make-up and styling, the wearing of a “Pollera de Gala” – the finest of all Pollera types – including all gold jewelry and hair ornaments, as well as a professional photographer to take pictures of this once in a lifetime experience. The pictures may be taken at theCubitá Boutique Resort & Spa – with its traditional Panamanian architecture and the colonial-style setting, the perfect place for a Pollera photo session – or at any other location.

For questions, prices and reservations of this unique and 100% authentic experience of a Pollera photo shooting please contact us at 910-0188 or at info@cubitatours.com.

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The Pollera is the most beautiful and admired national costume of the Americas. There are many tales related about its origin, but the popular opinion is that it was adapted from a gypsy dress worn in Spain at the time of the conquest of Peru and brought to Panama by the servants of the colonial families. It normally consists of a blouse or shirt and a two-tiered full skirt.

The lavish satins and brocades that made up the dress of society at that time were not suited to the tropical climate and the servants’ garb was appropriated by the mistress and enhanced with lace and embroidery. It was not worn outside of the home but gradually the ladies added more lace and ribbons, ornaments for the hair (tembleques) and jewelry for the neck and eventually it made its way into the public eye.

The basic pieces of the pollera are the gown or upper part, the skirt or lower part and the petticoat or underskirt. The gown or blouse consists of two ruffles, appliquéd or embroidered in favored color and design edged with valencienne lace and gracefully draped from handmade thread lace insertion at the neckline (this blouse is worn off the shoulder.) Wool is woven in and out of the insertions and two big pom-poms are centered at the chest and back. The wool must be the same color as the shoes, which are heel-less and made from velvet or satin.

The ornaments, “tembleques“, for the hair are exquisite. A large tortoise shell comb embellished with pearls and gold is worn on top of the head and resembles a crown. This is the key piece and the gold hairpins and tembleques, which are quivering pins and worn in pairs, are placed on the head to give the appearance of a radiant halo. Two small discs tied to the hair at the temples with black silk thread and large gold filigree earrings with pearls or corals complete the head dress.

The jewelry adorning the neck usually consists of a pearl or coral rosary, a flat gold chain or “cadena chata”, a chain of gold coins and a gold cross on a black velvet ribbon worn as a choker. The jewelry worn with the pollera in the olden days was indicative of one’s wealth and sometimes as many as a dozen chains were worn, all of pure gold and precious gems. A large gold and pearl button or rosetta is worn over the wool pom-pom and a purse suspended from the waistline and fastened with two gold brooches is the finishing touch.

About the Pollera Photo Session
Duration:4 hours
  • Professional make-up and styling
  • Pollera de Gala
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Hair Ornaments (Tembleques)
  • Professional Photographer
  • Use of the Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa as setting for the photo session
  • 25 high resolution photos digitally on CD
  • All taxes
Important Notes:
  • The price may vary depending on the type of Pollera and quality of gold jewelry and hair ornaments.