Mud Hut Building

Live a 100% authentic experience joining the traditional mud hut building team of a small community on the Azuero Peninsula. The mud hut building team – or Junta de Embarra – is a tradition of Panama’s countryside and a beautiful example of the locals’ spirit of community as family, friends and neighbors come together to build a traditional mud hut. With Cubitá Tours you have the exclusive opportunity to mingle with the locals and experience one day in the life of a Panamanian farmer.

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Expert Guide

Your Cubitá Tours guide will provide insight in the traditions and culture of Panama’s countryside.

Meet the Locals

Participate in this community activity and experience one day in the life of the local farmers.

Traditional Cuisine

Enjoy freshly prepared beverages and local dishes cooked over the fire during this experience.


Transportation from and to your hotel so you don’t need to worry about finding your way around.




Saturday, January 2

Mud Hut Building

After breakfast, transfer from Chitré to a village on the Azuero Peninsula in order to participate in the traditional mud hut building team. Your expert guide will provide you with much information on the culture and traditions of Panama’s countryside while you participate in this unique activity side by side with the locals. At noon, you will enjoy a traditional Panamanian lunch, freshly prepared over the fire. Once the mud hut is finished, the entire community joined by a traditional band called “murga”, parades the village in order to celebrate the successful event.

The day prior to the “junta”, the locals start building the framework of the house with wood from the area. The next day, early in the morning, the mud is being prepared with a mix of special clay, hay and water. At that point, the men form a human chain by grabbing each other’s shoulders and start stamping the mud in order to compact the mixture of clay.

Then, balls of clay are formed and put on the wooden framework in order to build the house. The most experienced men form the balls of clay with their feet and kick them to their colleagues who catch them and put them on the house’s framework. During this hard work, the bottle of Seco – a strong, local liquor – is never far away, and the men often practice the “saloma”, a traditional howl often heard in Panama’s rural areas.

About the traditional mud hut building team
Fecha:January 2, 2016
Llevar:Light clothes that can get muddy, clean set of clothes, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camara
  • Transportation from / to Chitré
  • Participation in the mud hut building
  • Work hand in hand with the local community
  • Cubitá Tours expert guide for Panama’s culture and traditions
  • Traditional lunch prepared by the locals
  • Water, beer and Seco Herrerano
  • All taxes
Notas importantes:
  • For accommodation at the Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa for the weekend of the mud hut building please contact us.