The Herrera Highlands

Explore the Herrera Highlands, another area profusely inhabited by indigenous groups in the pre-Columbian era, and which contains the most important wildlife refuge in the province. On a horse-back you will ride across Finca Guazán to appreciate the flora and fauna of the Herrera Highlands while enjoying stunning views over the Montijo and Parita Gulf. After a traditional lunch, hike the trails of El Montuoso Forest Reserve, known as “The Lung of Azuero”, to discover mysterious petroglyphs as well as the origin of the La Villa River to take a refreshing swim in the midst of the woods.

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The Herrera Highlands Panama Eco Tour:

Even though no written prove exists, it is assumed that the village of Las Minas was founded in 1558 by Governor Francisco Vásques, at the same time as Santa Fe and Concepción, with the purpose to improve the work in the gold mines of the Veraguas province. Before the arrival of the Spanish to the area, the region around Chepo de Las Minas was already heavily populated by indigenous tribes as several archeological findings and petroglyphs prove.

Thanks to its gentle climate, Las Minas is home to many orchids, especially the Flor del Espiritu Santo or Holy Ghost Orchid (peristeria elata). This beautiful orchid is Panama’s national flower and is honored with its own festival in the town of Las Minas held annually in september.

At the archeological site of Caras Pintadas or Painted Faces is a group of several petroglyphs. The well-preserved rock carvings depict geometrical shapes as well as figures in human form. Even though little is known about the origin of the mystic petroglyphs or their makers, it is assumed that the rock carvings were part of rituals and made by shamans. Other explanations see the petroglyphs as instruments used in astrology or local maps to indicate sources of water, for example.

The Montuoso Forest Reserve is a 30,000 acre protected area in the highlands of Herrera and often considered the last refugium of biodiversity of the province and a great place to visit on a Panama eco tour. The Montuoso preserves local flora and fauna as well as the watershed for the Azuero Peninsula’s most important river, Río La Villa, once known as Río Cubitá.

About this Panama Eco Tour
Tour DatesDaily at 8:00 AM
DurationApprox 8 hrs
BringSneakers or hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, long pants swim suit, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera.
IncludesTransportation from/to Chitré, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees, water, lunch
Important NotePrice is valid for groups of minimum 4 persons from/to Chitré. Contact us for rates for smaller groups, different pick-up points (Pedasi, etc.) and our monthly specials.