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Fabian Obrist

I am originally from Switzerland but my passion for Latin America and tourism brought me to Costa Rica first and then to Panama. After living in Panama City for 5 years I decided to move to the Azuero Peninsula with my wife and little daughter where I am heading the Cubitá Tours office since.

I am very passionate about the cultural, historical and natural treasures of the Azuero Peninsula and excited to create unique experiences for all our travelers. I speak fluent Spanish, English, German and French and am always highly motivated to provide a first class customer service to our providers, partners and guests.

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Marianela Dominguez

Marianela Dominguez

I am from La Palma, Las Tablas, and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Panama. I am a young woman who stands firm by the values and beliefs inculcated in me since my childhood.

I am very proud of the historical and cultural heritage of my country. As good “Santeña”, I live Panama’s traditions and customs to the fullest. I am passionate about nature and all the ecological abundance that our small but incomparable country has to offer.

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Kathelys Pereira

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Rodolfo Espino

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Why Choose Us

Our Roots
Cubitá Tours is part of Grupo Cubitá, a 100% Panamanian investment group established with the goal of preserving the nation’s history, culture and values through diverse ventures.

The name Cubitá is borrowed from the indigenous people who once inhabited the banks of the La Villa River on the Azuero Peninsula.

Our logo is also inspired by pre-Columbian motifs, ensuring that all elements of our brand reinforce Cubitá’s deep roots in the rich heritage of the Azuero Peninsula, together with our commitment to provide experiences consonant with the highest standards of service.

Azuero Tourism Pioneers
A pioneer in tourism development on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula, Cubitá Tours offers a wide variety of services that include some of the finest historical, cultural, nature and adventure tours this country offers.

We are fully licensed by Panama’s Tourism Authority, and our products and services are backed by years of experience working with a wide range of discerning customers. We pride ourselves on quality tours that stand above the majority of tours offered in Panama, on exceeding our customer’s expectations, and ensuring that every tour is entertaining, informative and utterly unique.

More than Tourism
We believe responsible tourism should benefit and respect local communities. For this reason we work directly with local families, artisans and producers to support the individual and general development of the Azuero Peninsula.

Our professional staff
An interest for culture and history, a spirit of adventure and true concern for the preservation of our traditions and values, as well as our natural resources, are the driving forces that all staff at Cubitá Tours shares. Our professional office personnel of travel experts are more than happy to help you discover the diverse and amazing Azuero Peninsula. Our specialists work with great passion, discipline and knowledge not only to show you the best of Panama, but to allow you to experience it with all your senses. Our well trained bilingual tour guides share their passion and enthusiasm for history, culture, nature and adventure with you on every trip through the unknown beauty of Azuero.

The Cubitá touch
We give great significance to every little detail of our clients’ trip and provide unique experiences according to the highest international service standards, always based on our Panamanian roots, heritage and traditions.

A profound interest in Azuero's history
Our historical tours were born out of a profound interest in the long history of Azuero. The Azuero region was one of the first areas of Panama to be settled more than 10,000 years ago by different indigenous tribes. Famous caciques such as Paris, Usgaña, Quema or Urracá ruled over the area and dedicated themselves to fishing, hunting and agriculture. With the beginning of the conquest of the American Continent in 1515, several Spanish conquistadors arrived to Azuero – first Gonzalo de Badajoz who was defeated by Cacique Paris, then Gaspar de Espinosa who finally conquered the region for the Spanish Crown. In 1821, the first declaration of independence from Spain in Panama was proclaimed in La Villa de Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula, starting a movement in the entire country resulting in its independence from Spain later that year. Our historical tours will take you back in time, let you get an idea of the first indigenous settlers of the continent, follow the steps of some of the most famous conquerors of their era and close the circle by combining ancient with modern history.

Our 'Cultura Tipica'
Azuero is generally considered the cradle of Panama’s culture, traditions and folklore. No other region of the country has a larger variety of traditional music, dances, instruments, dresses and accessories – in no other region its people are so proud of their traditions and customs than here. Catch a glimpse of the local industries and handcrafts and experience the locals’ pride and dedication towards the “Cultura Tipica” on one of our cultural tours.

Ecotourism Specialists
Azuero is rich in flora and fauna. After being heavily deforested in previous centuries, today large parts of the Peninsula are protected as National Parks, wildlife refuges, forest reserves or other protected areas. The Gulf of Parita with its large quantities of mangroves and water birds, Sarigua National Park with its desert-like climate, the pine forests in the highlands of the peninsula and Cerro Hoya National Park with multiple endemic species are just a few examples of Azuero’s biodiversity you can visit on our nature tours. Plus, seasonal arrivals of marine turtles (July – November) and humpback whales (June – October) make nature tours on the Azuero Peninsula a unique experience.

Pioneers in Adventure Tours
The variety of rivers, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, rocks and forests make the Azuero Peninsula an amazing place for adventure and soft-adventure tours. Many areas haven’t been explored nor developed so far and offer unique experiences in a virgin environment. Practice wet rappel in tropical waterfalls, go kayaking and whiter water rafting in one of the rivers, ride a horse, hike through the dense forest and climb rocks and the highest mountains of the area on one of our adventure tours.

Beach & Surf Experts
Azuero offers some of Panama’s finest Pacific beaches. Rather yellowish and brownish in color than white, the peninsula offers fine sandy beaches, some of them wide, others rather small, deserted and hidden – perfect for adventurous couples looking for their secluded beachside paradise. Most beaches are found on the southern end of the peninsula, around the town of Pedasí. For surfers, Azuero offers nice spots along the southern coast, the most famous of them being Playa Venao. Waves are stable and all year round, however, the biggest swell is usually from January to May when the strong offshore winds hit the area. Several surf tournaments have been held at Playa Venao, including two world championships.

Agrotourism Professionals
Experience the life of a local farmer on our own Agrotourism Farm, Guazán. Learn about local plants and vegetables that were cultivated by the indigenous long before the Spanish arrived to the American Continent, the process of sugarcane, one of the most important crops of the area, the farm animals still used in Azuero’s daily life and see how a traditional “Casa de Quincha” – a house of wood and cane forming a solid framework that is covered in mud – is built.

Supporting the local festivities
Azuero is home to many religious, pagan and historical festivals and holidays. Almost on a weekly base, one of the local villages finds a reason to celebrate: Whether it is to honor the local Patron Saint, a traditional music instrument such as the Mejorana Festival in Guararé, the national flower in the Feria del Espiritu Santo in Las Minas or an important date in the Christian calendar such as Carnival, Easter Week or Corpus Christi. Many of these festivities include parades with colorful dresses, ox carts, traditional music, local food and even the Panamanian version of Corridas – non-deadly bullfights where everybody brave or crazy enough can participate in chasing the bull. Join one of the local festivals on a tour, accompanied by our expert guide to learn more about Azuero’s rich traditions and vivid folklore.


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